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Everyone wants to discover how to live a joyful, healthy lifestyle that lasts. Unfortunately, many experience failure time and time again by following the mainstream approach: workout more, eat less, repeat. Host Ali Lampert knows this approach all too well. As a Certified Personal Trainer, she's experienced her own battles with food and exercise. It wasn't until she began flipping the old paradigm on it's head that she started to experience true, lasting joy. In her body and mind. Her unique approach encourages others to start from the "inside out". Her weekly episodes will inspire you to explore beyond your fitness so you can create lasting results. Ali has a fun, heart-warming, friend-like approach. You'll love hearing from your "best friend and personal trainer" each week.
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Aug 29, 2016
I first met Cathy and Gary hawk during a training called the "Clarity Circle." Their systems, teaching and guidance had a profound impact on my business, my relationships and ultimately my entire life. How I approach things is completely different and I owe that shift to Cathy and Gary. I wholeheartedly believe in their work and wanted to share it with all of you on todays episode. 
Cathy Hawk and Gary Hawk are experts in energy...human energy. Their Get Clarity™ Operating System is a clear, step by step method that makes it easy to stay energized and put time and money into perspective to create a meaningful, joyful life. As thought and action leaders in personal transformation, the Hawks are principals in Clarity International, a coaching and leadership firm based in Colorado. Their unique Get Clarity™ Retreats and Clarity Circles™ were created to provide a process where individuals and leaders can explore, refresh, invigorate and clarify the vision for what they want to create- the vision that drives their energy and actions. They are three time award winning authors of Get Clarity™,  The
Lights-On Guide to Manifesting Success in Life and Work, and SHIFT, A Guidebook to Above-the-Line, Positive Thinking. 
Show Notes:
  • 4:55 What does it mean to really live lights on? 
  • 8:00 Calibrating your energy (the calibration meter)
  • 9:25 How to protect your own energy (recognizing who drains you)
  • 13:05 High noticing, what to do in a negative situation
  • 15:15 What my shadow is and why it's been so vital to my sucess
  • 17:00 The tools for your thoughts that work better FOR you when your'e stuck
  • 20:45 How you can get "unstuck" in under a second 
  • 21:50 The five question check-in that will completely transform your day
  • 27:50 Your monkey mind, what is it? How to we put it to rest and control it?
  • 33:55 The importance of dreams, visions, discovering what you want and then how to get it.
  • 36:00 How do you change course?
  • 38:42 Embracing your "eddy's" and how to learn from them
Connect with Cathy & Gary:
Aug 22, 2016

Meg specializes in helping others heal their bodies by nourishing themselves with real food. She also believes that you must nourish your mind with positive, loving thoughts for a healthy mind, which explains why clients and friends call me “the Queen of Positive Self Talk.”

After years of darkness, she is now living a life that glows with confidence, health, and happiness and it is her mission to help you do the same. She empowers you with the tools you need to nourish yourself, heal your body and free yourself from whatever is holding you back from being your radiant self. 


Show Notes:
  • 5:20 Meg's story
  • 9:35 How she rid herself of the things that were no longer serving her
  • 12:50 Learning to trust yourself with food and exercise
  • 17:30 What does it mean to listen to yourself?
  • 21:40 The key to accepting your body
  • 24:53 Actionable steps to take if you are struggling with an eating disorder
  • 30:30 When health is at the forefront of our decisions, it makes all the difference
  • 34:45 What does it mean to choose progress over perfection?
Connect with Meg:
Aug 15, 2016
In today’s episode, I interview Crystal Martinez, the young woman behind the brand Spoonfulloffit. Crystal opens up for the very first time on this episode publicly, about how she built a 100K following on social media in under a year, and how that lead to her struggles with body image and social media.
Show Notes: 
  • 3:55 The initial goal behind the brand "Spoonfulloffit"
  • 7:10 The turning point in her brand and fitness journey 
  • 10:20 Why it was so difficult to "live up to" the perfect image on her ig 
  • 14:23 The moment she knew she couldn't do it anymore 
  • 19:28 The key elements in her recovery journey 
  • 23:20 The amount of time we "waste" on social media "scrolling"  
  • 27:00 What is your intention behind your social media posts?
  • 27:50 Be mindful of what you're seeing, reading, and thinking
  • 40:00 What it means to choose progress over perfection 
Aug 8, 2016
Being betrayed by a loved one, friend or co-worker can dramatically impact the way you choose to love moving forward. At times you may be tempted to blame or get revenge in hopes that it will heal your wounded heart. But what if your betrayals were simply your life's best kept lessons starring back at you? 
Todays guest Teri-Lynn Wilkins mission is to help others make betrayal the best thing that's ever happened to them. Get ready for a juicy episode chalk full of real talk, self reflection and inspiration. 
Show Notes: 
3:13 Why betrayal chose her 
6:20 The challenges and gifts that come from betrayal 
10:00 How our authenticity and vulnerability allows people to rise to the occasion
13:00 Why is this happening to you?
16:50 Why blame and shame is the harder path
19:00 How do you begin repairing you heart after being betrayed? 
23:00 Learning to trust YOU again 
26:30 How are you numbing your uncomfortable feelings? 
30:00 The shame that comes with betrayal 
32:00 Why loving yourself is at the core of it all

Connect with Teri-Lynn Wilkins:

Jul 27, 2016

In today's episode, I interview Lauren Miller, a phenomenal public speaker and one of the greatest human beings I've had the honor of meeting in my lifetime. Join me as she shares what I consider to be critical information on stress, jealousy and how we can live our lives by design. 


3:00 Lauren's story, overcoming cancer 


4:30 Why cancer was her greatest training 


6:20 Two near death experiences 



9:18- "This is earth school"


9:30- Why are we so stressed? It's the power we give to outside circumstance 


12:00- Our need to be seen, recognized and approved of 


12:00- Why it'e never rejection but re-direction 


13:23- Jealousy: How the serpents that play inside your castle can ruin you. 


16:00-Embarrassment, it comes from too much self concern, "what will people think"? 


20:00- We all battle the ego. Self image, unworthiness, am I enough, am I successful


22:00- Inventory check: where is your center of worth and value? What occupies your state of mind during the day? 


24:30- "Sharing without attachment"


27:46- "How many times have we edited ourselves due to being afraid of someone's response?"


29:00- "Progress over perfection": I had no idea I was enslaved to perfection 


30:00- Children, the epitome of "progress over perfection"



32:35- The freedom to JUST BE YOU! Time is short 


35:00- Living with lights on and not putting the power on things outside of you 


37:00- Two de-stressing techniques you can implement right now



How to find Lauren:



Jul 27, 2016

In today's episode, Leslie Nance of gives us the inside scoop on life before her cancer diagnosis, and how it radically changed her lifestyle moving forward. Get ready for some awesome actionable steps on how you can improve your health!

  • 1:50 The black and white mentality and how to live in the colorful middle
  • 4:00 How to give yourself grace and listen to your body
  • 5:00 Figure out what your own rules are
  • 5:40 Leslie's story on overcoming cancer
  • 8:00 Lifestyle changes after her diagnosis
  • 16:02 Her transition to plant based eating and discovering how to like vegetables
  • 21:00 Why indulging is so important 
  • 27:00 What it means when she says she's a "I'm a light bulb expert"
  • 37:00 Actionable steps you can take to nourish your body and live beyond the "all or nothing" approach
Connect with Leslie: 
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